Chile's Rankings
Overall Rank3249.1
Corporate Taxes3047.53
Individual Taxes2363.66
Consumption Taxes2861.32
Property Taxes1765.03
International Tax Rules3635.86

Chile ranks 32nd overall on the 2019 International Tax Competitiveness Index, one spot better than in 2018.


  • The VAT is at the average for OECD countries, and applies to a broad base.
  • Chile provides for net operating losses to be carried forward indefinitely, allowing for corporations to be taxed on their average profitability.
  • Chile has the lowest tax wedge on labor among OECD countries, at 7 percent, compared to the average of 36.1 percent.


  • Labor and consumption taxes are complex, creating a serious compliance burden.
  • Chile has poor treatment of corporate investments in machinery and buildings and does not allow companies to write off investment in intangibles.
  • Chile has a worldwide tax system, while most countries have territorial provisions.

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