Colombia's Rankings
Overall Rank3155.01
Corporate Taxes3733.96
Individual Taxes296.97
Consumption Taxes2065.06
Property Taxes2355.1
Crossborder Taxes3543.74

Colombia ranks 31st overall on the 2021 International Tax Competitiveness Index, the same as in 2020.


  • A worker earning the nation's average wage faces the lowest tax burden in the OECD.
  • Colombia taxes dividends and capital gains at very low rates.
  • While capital gains resulting from inheritance and gifts received are subject to a 10 percent tax, there is no comprehensive estate or inheritance tax.


  • The VAT base is very narrow, covering less than 40 percent of Colombian consumption.
  • Colombia levies a net wealth tax and a financial transactions tax.
  • At 31 percent, Colombia's corporate income tax rate is significantly above the OECD average (22.9 percent).

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