Finland's Rankings
Overall Rank1866.85
Corporate Taxes773.06
Individual Taxes2758.16
Consumption Taxes1573.43
Property Taxes1466.7
International Tax Rules2369.09

Finland ranks 18th overall on the 2019 International Tax Competitiveness Index, three places worse than in 2018.


  • Finland has a relatively low corporate tax rate of 20 percent.
  • The compliance burdens of corporate, consumption, and labor taxes are all below the OECD averages.
  • Finland has a territorial tax system and a broad tax treaty network with 86 countries.


  • Finland levies both an estate and a financial transactions tax.
  • Companies are limited in their ability to carry forward net operating losses and are restricted to using First-In-First-Out as the cost accounting method for inventory.
  • Finland has a progressive tax system with a combined top rate on personal income of 58.4 percent.

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