New Zealand

New Zealand's Rankings
Overall Rank286.27
Corporate Taxes2453.26
Individual Taxes490.83
Consumption Taxes691.81
Property Taxes288.82
International Tax Rules985.77

New Zealand ranks 2nd overall on the 2019 International Tax Competitiveness Index, one spot better than in 2018.


  • New Zealand allows corporate losses to be carried forward indefinitely, allowing businesses to be taxed on their average profitability.
  • The VAT of 15 percent applies to nearly the entire potential tax base.
  • New Zealand property taxes apply just to the value of land rather than real estate or other improvements to the land.


  • New Zealand has an above-average corporate tax rate of 28 percent (the OECD average is 23.6 percent) and poor cost recovery provisions for business investments.
  • New Zealand has a narrow tax treaty network, with 40 countries.
  • The cost of inventory can be accounted for using First-In-First-Out method or the average cost method (Last-In-First-Out is not permitted).

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